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We want to provide you with the best career resources and training possible, to prepare you to enter any competitive research or scientific field, including those related to:

  • green technology
  • natural resource management
  • physical science
  • engineering
  • mathematics and statistics
  • technology
  • biotechnology
  • medical research

There are many ways to get a jump start on your career, even while in school:

Participate in on-campus career events 

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Throughout the year, employers come to campus to recruit students through:

  • job fairs
  • information sessions
  • on-campus interviews

These events not only open doors to employment after graduation, but can direct you to potential undergraduate internships as well. The College also offers resume writing and interview workshops each semester.

Connect with the workforce 

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Build relationships with future employers and gain professional experience by participating in a research project or an internship. 

Resources and tips 

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Prepare for the work world

You have completed your education, acquired additional skills through undergraduate internships, and are ready to take your place in the workforce. In a competitive workforce it is important to have a professional cover letter and resume and strong interviewing skills so you can show your future employer that you are right for the job.

Now it’s time to take the next step.

Career videos

This collection of videos includes information on:

  • networking
  • writing resumes
  • cover letters and thank-you notes
  • interviewing
  • top interviewing mistakes
  • interview dress
  • career fairs
  • career center benefits
  • advice from recent graduates

Searching for jobs online

Searching for a job can be time-intensive. To make the most of your time, you should:

  • start early
  • use a variety of online sources to find jobs
  • learn what your peers did to find a job
  • take the time to explore job titles and descriptions – some companies may be looking for scientists but list positions using other titles such as engineer or product developer

Interviewing resources and tips  

How do you ace an interview? How much is your education and experience worth? Be prepared for any questions and any negotiations. 

Don’t sell yourself short. Research the typical compensation for employees with similar education and work experience before accepting any job offer at CareerOneStop.

Undergraduate research opportunities

Our students can participate in research on a variety of topics. Past projects have included:

  • forest restoration
  • wind mapping and alternative energy development
  • the study of pathogens and genomes

Use your research opportunity to:

  • gain exceptional hands-on experience
  • prepare for the workforce and future challenges
  • demonstrate your commitment to advancing sustainability initiatives or to improving our communities