2013 UGRADS Awards



  • ENG 1 350x215
    ENG 1 350x215

    Engineering Design 1st Place

    Pictured: Danny Miller, Dirk Prather, Dominic Albano

    40 Qt. Cooler Design
    Team:    Dominic Albano, Federico Martolini, Danny Miller,
                  Dirk Prather, Bander Almazroua
    Mentor: Dr. Srinivas Kosaraju, Mechanical Engineering

  • ENG 2 350x215
    ENG 2 350x215

    Engineering Design 2nd Place

    Pictured:  Edwin Tenney, Matthew Anderson, Chris McLaughlin, Matthew Petney, Audrey Ford

    An Improved Foot and Ankle Prosthetic Design
    Team:     Matthew Petney, Matthew Anderson, Chris
                   McLaughlin, Audrey Ford, Edwin Tenney
    Mentor:  Dr. Srinivas Kosar, Mechanical Engineering

  • Eng 3 350x215
    Eng 3 350x215

    Engineering Design 3rd Place

    Pictured:  Dr. Dieter Otte, Margaret McKever, Colton Marshall

    Classroom Attendance Solution Using Facial Detection and Recognition

    Team:  Colton Marshall, Margaret McKever, Paul Doose, 
                Ryan Lessley
    Mentor:  Dr. Wolf-Dieter, Otte Computer Science

  • Comm 350x215
    Comm 350x215

    Community/Community-Based Internships

    Pictured:  Dr. Scott Anderson, Bryn Merrell

    A Strategic Plan to Eliminate Plastic Bag Use in Flagstaff
    Presenting Author:  Bryn Merrell
    Co-Authors:  Sean Canterbury, Hannah Stitizer, Kiersten
    Mentor:  Dr. Scott Anderson, Environmental Sciences 

  • Gen And 350x215
    Gen And 350x215

    Phi Kappa Phi Graduating Senior Award

    Pictured:  Dr. David Wagner, Genevieve Andersen

    Phylogenetic diversity of Mongolian Yersinia pestis isolates provides historical insights
    into the dispersal of plague into Mongolia

    Author:  Genevieve Andersen
    Mentor:  Dr. David Wagner 

  • Tanya 350x215
    Tanya 350x215

    Phi Kappa Phi Graduating Senior Award

    Pictured:  Dr. Catherine Propper, Tanya Sutton

    Thyroid hormone induces dose dependent up regulation of two genes demonstrated
    to be sensitive to endocrine disruption during amphibian metamorphosis

    Author:  Tanya Sutton
    Mentor:  Dr. Catherine Propper 

  • Dean 350x215
    Dean 350x215

    Research & Research-Based Internships 1st Place


    Detecting a Subtle Toxin: Assessing Arsenic Levels in Unregulated Wells on the Navajo Reservation

    Presenting Author:  Jonathan Credo
    Mentor:  Dr. Jani Ingram, Chemistry & Biochemistry


  • Katelyn 350x215
    Katelyn 350x215

    Research & Research-Based Internships 2nd Place

    Pictured:  Dr. Jennifer Duis, Katelyn Porter


    Characterization of Students’ Quantitative Reasoning Skills in Chemistry
    First Author:  Katelyn Porter
    Co-Author:  Nina Porter
    Mentors:  Dr. Jennifer Duis, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Dr. Jennifer Claesgens, Center for Science, Teaching & Learning

  • Nathan 350x215
    Nathan 350x215

    Research & Research-Based Internships 3rd Place-4 way tie

    Pictured: Dr. David Wagner, Nathan Stone 


    Novel mechanism of acaricide resistance found in invasive Rhipicephalus microplus ticks in southern Texas
    First Author:  Nathan Stone
    Co-Authors:  Pia Olafson, Greta Buckmeier, Deanna Bodine, Jeanne Freeman, Glen Scoles, Joseph D. Busch,  David M. Wagner
    Mentor:  Dr. David Wagner, Biological Sciences

  • Chris 350x215
    Chris 350x215

    Research & Research-Based Internships 3rd Place-4 way tie

    Pictured:  Dr. David Wagner, Christian Hochhalter


    Technical considerations for robust confirmation from ancient DNA samples: Yersinia pestis DNA in 6th century skeletal remains
    First Author:  Christian Hochhalter
    Co-Authors:  J. Gruendike, Michaela Harbeck, Dawn Birdsell, Katy L. Parise, Julia M. Riehm, Holger C. Scholz, Paul Keim,  David M. Wagner
    Mentor:  Dr. David M. Wagner, Biological Sciences