School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability faculty


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  • Scott Anderson, PhD, Professor, Paleoecology, Forest history
  • Carrie Brugger-Schorr, PhD, Lecturer, Geoscience Education, Volcanology
  • David Brumbaugh, PhD, Professor, Geophysics 
  • Brett G. Dickson, PhD, Associate Research Professor, Wildlife and Landscape Ecology
  • Ernest Duebendorfer, PhD, Professor, Structural Geology 
  • Diana Elder, PhD, Associate Director and Associate Professor. Geomorphology, Atmospheric science, Environmental Programs Coordinator
  • David Elliott, PhD, Professor, Vertebrate Paleontology 
  • Kerry Grimm, PhD, Lecturer, Environmental Studies
  • Thomas Hoisch, Professor, Metamorphic Petrology 
  • Deborah Huntzinger, PhD, Assistant Professor, Climate Science, Graduate Coordinator of MS Climate Science and Solutions
  • Nancy Collins Johnson, PhD, Professor of Ecology and Director of Undergraduate Research Mentoring
  • Taylor Joyal, PhD, Lecturer, Fluvial Geomorphology and Watershed Hydrology, Earth and Environmental Science Education
  • Darrell Kaufman, PhD, Regent's Professor, Quaternary Geology and Climate Science
  • Peter Koehler, MS, Instructor, Paleoecology
  • Nicholas McKay, PhD, Assistant Professor, Climate Science
  • Angela Moline, PhD, Lecturer, Aquatic ecosystem conservation and management
  • Erik Nielsen, PhD, Professor, Environmental Studies, Policy and Management
  • Michael Ort, PhD, Professor, Recent Volcanology, Isotope Geochemistry
  • Rod Parnell, PhD,  Professor, Hydrogeochemistry, Biogeochemistry
  • Ryan Porter PhD, Assistant Professor, Geophysics
  • Mary Reid, PhD, Professor, Geology Program Chair, Igneous Petrology, Isotope Geochemistry 
  • Nancy Riggs, PhD, Professor, Volcanology 
  • Jim Sample, PhD, Professor, Graduate Coordinator of the Geology Program, Low-temperature Geochemistry
  • Temuulen "Teki" Sankey, PhD, Assistant Professor, Remote sensing: multispectral and lidar data; GIS, geospacial analysis, geostatistics; Land cover change
  • Robert L. Sanford, Jr. (Buck) PhD, Professor, Biogeochemistry
  • Christopher Schwalm, PhD, Assistant Research Professor
  • Thomas Sisk, PhD, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Olajos-Goslow Endowed Chair of Environmental Science and Policy for the Southwest
  • Lisa Skinner, MS, Lecturer, Geoscience Education, GIS
  • Michael Elliot Smith , PhD, Assistant Professor, Stratigraphy, Geochronology, and Terrestrial Paleogeography
  • Abe Springer, PhD, Professor, Hydrogeology
  • Paul Umhoefer, PhD, Director and Professor, Tectonics 
  • Jacqueline Vaughn, PhD, Professor, Politics and International Affairs, Environmental Policy and Law, Graduate Coordinator of MS Environmental Sciences & Policy program
  • James Wittke, PhD, Geologic Materials Analyst, Igneous Petrology
  • Holly Yeager, Career Coordinator and Instructor, Climate Sciences and Solutions

Adjunct Faculty

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Our large adjunct faculty is drawn from the local professional community, including employees of the National Park Service, the Forest Service, the US Geological Survey, and other agencies.

  • Ethan Aumack, MS Environmental Sciences & Policy, NAU.  Landscape Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration, Grand Canyon Trust.
  • Bernardo Aguilar, PhD, Cultural and Regional Studies, Prescott College
  • Randy Bangert, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Trinidad State Junior College 
  • Judy Bischoff, PhD, Research Coordinator, Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit, National Park Service
  • Theodore Bunch, Planetary Geology, Cosmochemistry 
  • Gerardo Carrasco-Nuñez, Volcanology 
  • Bala Chaudhary, PhD, Ecology of mycorrhizal fungi in natural and managed ecosystems, Biology, Northern Arizona University
  • Kenneth Cole, PhD, Paleobotony
  • Timothy Crews, PhD, Professor of Agroecology, Prescott College
  • Wendell Duffield,Volcanic Geology, Geothermal Energy, Volcanic Hazards 
  • David Dye PhD, Research Geographer, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), USGS Western Geographic Science Center (WGSC)
  • Mark Elson, PhD, Prehistoric Archaeology, settlement pattern analysis, ethnographic studies
  • David Gillette, Vertebrate Paleontology 
  • Gordon Haxel, Tectonics of the Cordillera, Igneous Petrology
  • Ron Hiebert, PhD, Editor of the Natural Areas Journal
  • Michael Kelly, Informal Science Education 
  • Ivo Lucchitta, Geomorphology, Evolution of Colorado Plateau, Tectonics 
  • Vera Markgraf, PhD, South American and Southern Hemisphere paleoclimates and inter-hemispheric paleoclimate correlations. Late Quaternary palynology
  • David Mattson, PhD, Research Wildlife Biologist, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center, Rocky Mountain Research Station
  • Mark Miller, PhD, Ecologist, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center
  • Dave Ostergren, PhD, Director, Environmental Education Graduate Program Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center, Goshen College
  • Jessica Piekielek, PhD, University of Oregon 
  • Jeffrey Plescia, Planetary Geology and Geophysics 
  • John Sass, Exploration Seismology and Gravimetry, Computer Programming, Continental Scientific Drilling 
  • Francis Smiley, Archaeology 
  • Prasad Thenkabail PhD, Research Geographer, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), USGS Western Geographic Science Center (WGSC)
  • Lisa Thomas, MS, Program Manager, Southern Colorado Plateau Inventory & Monitoring Program, National Park Service
  • Yaguang Xu, PhD, Remote Sensing and GIS Specialist, Geospatial Database Manager at Research and Innovation Technology Administration, USDOT
  • Christina Vojta, PhD, Senior Faculty Associate, Landscape Conservation Initiative
  • Ophelia Wang, PhD, Remote sensing and GIS specialist, NAU Lab of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology 
  • Wesley Ward, Eolian Processes, Volcanic Geology  
  • Michael Woodburne, Mammal Paleontology, Evolution, and Chronostratigraphy

Affiliated & Emeritus Faculty

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    Affiliated Faculty 

    • Thomas Acker, PhD, Director, Sustainable Energy Solutions Group, NAU Engineering
    • Rom Coles, PhD, McAllister Chair in Community, Culture & Environment, NAU
    • Peter Friederici, MS Environmental Education with focus in Environmental Writing, Science and Environmental Stories and Journalism, NAU School of Communications
    • Julie M. Mueller, PhD, Environmental Economics and Econometrics, NAU Franke College of Business
    • Marin Robinson, PhD, Physical and atmospheric chemistry, NAU Chemistry Chair
    • Zachary Smith, PhD, Environmental policy, NAU Politics and International Affairs
    • Tad Theimer, PhD, Vertebrate Ecology, NAU Biology

    Emeritus faculty

    Post Doctorates and Research Staff

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    Administrative Staff

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