Graduate Opportunities

Graduate opportunities  at Northern Arizona University.


Arctic Glacial Lakes, Catchments and Climate Linkages

We invite applications for graduate students to join a new three-year NSF-funded project focusing on glacial-lacustrine sedimentation to investigate past and future climate change. Three assistantships are available at the MS and PhD levels. Students will develop complementary projects aimed at understanding the major processes that govern sedimentation in Arctic lakes in glaciated catchments. New glacier, hydrology, limnology, and sediment modern-process studies will provide the input data to calibrate and test process-based earth system models. Students will be involved in Arctic fieldwork, where they will gain a more comprehensive understanding of how glaciers, hydrology, and lakes relate to the Arctic system. Please contact Darrell Kaufman or Nick McKay for more information, or visit the project website:

Degree options include:

               • MS Geology

               • MS Applied Geospatial Sciences

               • PhD Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability – Climate and Environmental Change emphasis