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Partnerships with alumni, friends, industry, and government are critical to the success of the School and the contributions we strive to make in the larger world. Use this page to explore ways you can connect with us; together we can make a difference.

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    As an alumnus, we hope you stay connected with the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability. We want to hear about where life has taken you since graduation. If you are an alumnus of the geology program, learn more about how you can stay connected.

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    Contribute to a more sustainable future by making a donation to SESES, where our faculty and students work passionately toward solutions to today’s top environmental concerns.

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    SESES Foundation Funds

    Fund #   Name of Fund - Awardee group

    1010      Tom and Rose Bedwell Earth Physics Award - Geology Seniors

    1044    Lisa Marie Jones Memorial Scholarship - Scholarship support to meritorious students with a C+ grade average or its equivalent who are financially needy, permanent residents of Arizona, majoring in the environmental sciences at Northern Arizona University, with a class standing of junior, senior or graduate student

    1061    Bill Morrall Memorial Conservation Scholarship - Provides scholarship funds to students who meet the following criteria:  a) Working towards a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree; b) Enrolled in conservation related environmental studies such as: Ecosystem Analysis, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry and Range Management, Conservation Journalism or Education, Environmental Pollution (toxic waste, chemical research regarding air, water, land or other related subjects), Soil Conservation, Land Use Planning, Energy, and other

    1322      Cree Family Scholarship - Geology Seniors

    1334      L.C. B. Mac McCullough Geology Endowment - Geology Graduate Students working in Colorado River basin

    1607      Ronald C. Blakey Scholarship Fund for Graduate Research - Geology Graduate Students working in Sedimentary Geology

    1636      The Charles Olajos & Ted Goslow Chair for Southwestern Env. Science & Policy Main - purpose is to support the Endowed Chair.

    1697      David E Sanders Award - the semester RA for Geology Graduate Student

    1708      Becker Family Award in Geology - Field expenses for Geology Graduate Student - Undergraduate student team

    1734      Geology Field Experience Endowment -Field experiences for Undergraduates majoring in Geology

    1749      Muehlberger Family Award - Undergraduate and/or graduate students in Geology or Environmental Science

    1750      Water Resources Research Support Fund - SESES students conducting research in Water Science and Policy

    4109      Geology Department - General Fund used mainly for student related activities in Geology Program

    4110      Geology Department Scholarship Fund - Awards to students in the Geology Program

    4214      Quaternary Sciences Program - Awards to students in the Paleo Environments area the MS Env Science & Policy

    4314      Environmental Sciences - General Fund used mainly for student related activities in Environmental Program

    4342      Environmental Science Scholarship - Awards to students in the Environmental Science Program

    4547      Friday Lunch Clubbe - Geology Graduate students based on humorous proposals and voted by alumni

    4749      Stan Beus Faculty Award - Geology Professor and one of their students for a project

    4782      Environmental Fund for a Sustainable Future - Assist students pursuing careers in the environmental sciences (broadly defined), and whose interests include preservation, protection and/or restoration of our environment

    4843      Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate in Geology - Recognize outstanding undergraduates and to encourage theto pursue goals at any level

    4946      Conservation Science Gift Fund - Support to foster student involvement in conservation science

    5002      Research Fund for Basin-Structure Studies - Geology Graduate student research in Transition zone in Nevada and Arizona

    5020      John W. Prather Scholarship - Support graduate student research in conservation biology

    5034      Geology Graduate Student Scholarship - Awarded to Geology Graduate students

    5108      Landscape Conservation - Funds for a new initiative for Landscape Conservation - discretionary account

    5133      Wyss Scholars Program for the Conservation of the American West - Scholarships for master’s degree students who are pursuing careers in land conservation and management

    5204      Montgomery Prize - Best poster from MS Geology student in last year before graduation

    5263      Environmental Studies - Awards to students in the Environmental Studies Program

    5264      Climate Science & Solutions - Awards to students in the Climate Science and Solutions Program