Financing Your Education

University Tuition and Fees

See the cost of tuition and university fees.

Program Fees

In addition, there is a program fee of $4500 spread over three semesters that goes to support the Advisory Board and Career Services for you during and after the completion of your degree. 

Our CSS program is consistently one of the most cost effective programs in the cutting edge field of climate science! 

Students who are residents of 14 participating western states and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands receive in state tuition through the Western Regional Graduate Program

Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Waivers

Limited numbers of tuition waivers and graduate assistantships are available within the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability.  Please speak with the department regarding funding opportunities. 

There are also a variety of funding sources available outside of the CSS program.  Please view these opportunities and apply as directed.