Advisory Board

Ann Bowles

Director of Environmental Accreditation Program, American National Standards Institute

Dr. Josep Canadell

Executive Director, CSIRO Global Carbon Project

Dr. Chris Field

Director, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Stanford University

Ron Hubert

Managing Director, Hozho International

Ron’s work educates citizens on sustainability and resilience issues, and implements solutions in communities, businesses, governing bodies, entrepreneurial entities, and universities. To accomplish these objectives, Ron works through his positions on the faculty at NAU, the board of the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI), and the management team of Hozho International, as well as through written materials that range from policy papers to short stories.

Dr. Matthew Hurteau

Assistant Professor, Forest Resources, Pennsylvania State University 

Matthew Hurteau is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Penn State. His research focus is on climate change mitigation and adaptation in forest ecosystems.

Dan Kalafatas

President, 3Degrees 

Dan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of 3Degrees, a long-time renewable energy provider with the mission to connect people with renewable energy at massive scale. Dan holds a B.A. with honors in Economics from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. with a certificate in Public Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

LTC (Ret) Joe Knott

Director of Military Partnerships, Compatible Lands Foundation

Chris Menges

Data and Research Project Planner, City of Aspen Canary Initiative

Amanda Oromond

Principal, The Ormond Group, LLC

Amanda Ormond serves as the Managing Director of the Western Grid Group. She has worked in energy and public policy for over twenty years in Arizona and the West. For the past decade she has managed the 
Ormond Group LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in education, advocacy, and lobbying for clean energy. Amanda holds a B.S. in Environmental Earth Science.

Christie Pollet-Young

Manager, Greenhouse Gas Verification, Scientific Certification Systems Global Services

Ms. Pollet-Young is a forest ecologist, arborist, and natural resources management professional with over 15 years of experience ranging from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California to the tropical forests of the Amazon and Southeast Asia. She is currently the Program Manager for the Greenhouse Gas Verification Program of SCS Global Services and her specialization is in the verification of forestry and land carbon offset projects around the globe. 

Dr. David Reay

Director, MSC in Carbon Management, University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences

Dr. Dave Reay recieved his PhD with the British Antarctic Survey and Essex University. As a post-doc he investigated the impact of land-use on the soil methane sink, emissions of the greenhouse gas 'nitrous oxide' from agriculture, and carbon fluxes in forests. He joined the University of Edinburgh in 2001 and went on to become a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Fellow examining greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands and agriculture. He is also the creator and director of the MSc in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Margaret Hiza Redsteer

Staff Scientist, Earth Surface Processes Team, U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Michael Westphal

Senior Associate, Sustainable Finance, World Resources Institute 

Russ Yelton

Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies

Russ Yelton received his Bachelor’s in Management from Appalachian State University and his MBA from Western Carolina University where he has also completed coursework towards his doctorate. Russ is a serial entrepreneur who, besides starting various companies, has been in incubation management for more than five years.