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Research is at the center of our department, exhibited not only in our expert faculty but our future expert students.

Faculty research

Analytical chemistry


Dr. Varadaraj's Research
MCF10A mammary epithelial cells immunostained for Fibronectin

Dr. Varadaraj is interested in Fibrillogenesis in renal and cancer cell hypoxia and fibrosis. One area of interest in the lab is to investigate the interplay between Fibronectin (FN) and VHL in hypoxia. The VHL (Von Hippel Lindau) protein is a tumor suppressor that is either mutated or lost in renal cancers. Another area of interest is the investigation of VHL-mediated fibrosis resolution.

Chemical Education

  • Brandon Cruickshank 
  • Jennifer Duis: Dr. Duis is interested in exploring students' understanding of fundamental chemistry concepts and developing valid and reliable tests to assess these understandings. She is also interested in curriculum improvement through systematic development of goals, implementation of research based practices, and assessment of the outcomes from these changes.

Environmental chemistry

Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

  • Cindy Browder: Dr. Browder is interested in new approaches to the preparation of compounds of medicinal interest, and application of organic chemistry to the development of materials for alternate energy systems. Browder Group website
  • Edgar Civitello (Chair) 
  • Marin Robinson: Dr. Robinson is interested in the composition and transport of atmospheric particulate matter in forest fires and windblown dust.

Physical chemistry

Student research

Ciarra Greene, chemistry major – Ciarra led a three-year research study aiming to alleviate the harmful effects of uranium mines on the nearby Navajo reservation.

Research opportunities

Information coming soon.