Wettaw Auditorium Audio Visual Help

Wettaw Touch Panel

Welcome Screen

With the system off, tapping the touch panel screen will bring up this page.
Touching the “ON Lecture” button changes to the main touch panel window and turns the lecture hall lights on if they are off
“Delayed Off” will switch off the system and after a few seconds power off the lights
Touching “System On” will open the main page

Main Screen

All 3 projectors work independently of each other, with 3 separate inputs available in any combination.
The screen and projector controls are independent. For example, the screens can be lowered in the morning and kept down all day while the projectors are switched on only when needed; as long as the System is not switched off.
With the exclusion of using the microphones (desk or wireless), for sound to work at least one source and projector needs to be selected (and turned on).

Main Screen – Showing the switch off popup

Pressing any of the “Off” buttons with bring up a confirm pop-up as in this image; pressing “Off” will go ahead with turning the projector off.

General Notes 

We suggest the touch panel is powered on in the morning. It should be left in the “System ON” state until the last class of the day. The projectors should be switched off between classes.
Once the system is switched ON the desktop MIC is ON. If it is not needed then it needs to be muted.
Please give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the system well before you need to use it.

The AV system has 3 selectable inputs:

  1. A PC is available with all usual desktop software and the software for “Clickers”! This is behind the lecterns center front door. As always Staff\Faculty need to logon with NAU\your-logon-id. This is what needs to be used if a DVD needs to be played. It works like all desktops in CEFNS. Logging on for the first time takes time to build your account – be prepared.
  2. A Laptop can be connected to the available VGA cable on the lectern desktop.
  3. The Document CAM is available on the slide out-shelf on the end of the lectern.

When the system is switched OFF, everything goes OFF and the screens will rise.
Please contact the CEFNS IT Help Desk if you have problems:

  1. via email to cefnsithelp@nau.edu 
  2. via a phone call to 3-8084 (928-523-8084)
  3. In person via visiting our north campus desk at Biology Building 21, Room 153.