CEFNS Information Technology

All NAU IT support requests will be routed through central ITS beginning Monday July 11, 2016. 

Support previously provided by CEFNS IT will now be provided through ITS.  Requests may be made directly through the portal at http://nau.service-now.com/.   


Faculty and staff telephone help desk support may also be obtained by contacting the Solution Center at (928) 523-1511, toll free at (888) 520-7215, or from ask-its@nau.edu.  

Student telephone help desk support is available from the Student Technology Center at (928) 523-9294, Statewide (toll-free) - 888-520-7215, or from ask-stc@nau.edu.  

Problem reporting for assistance with urgent, broad issues such as network outages is available after telephone support hours at (928) 523-2971.  Non-critical desktop support and minor impacts should be referred to the Solution Center voicemail after telephone support hours.

Information Technology Services will provide full support during normal university business hours. Classroom support will be provided during scheduled class periods.  Server, network, and other infrastructure support will also be supported after hours on an on-call basis for high priority incidents.  Telephone help desk support is available 24x7 during the Fall and Spring Semesters of the academic year, excluding official holidays, and extended hours support hours is available during other periods such as Summer and Winter Sessions. 

CEFNS IT is responsible for technology and electronic data within the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences. We maintain computer labs and printers, host and develop web services, and run a help desk to support technology throughout the College.

We are always working on new systems to support the growing needs of the College and keep our programs running smoothly and seamlessly. Read more about our technology and services.

We believe technology should promote education and research and strive to provide the best support for our computers and services. Contact us with any questions regarding our services, or read through our online help documentation.

We are a small but knowledgeable team with experience in a wide range of technology domains. Read more about our staff.

We need your help to keep things running smoothly for everyone. Read through our policies to get the most out of our technology and team.