Information technology

IT provides faculty, staff, and students with most of their IT needs. From the technology in classrooms, computing labs, and faculty/staff offices, we set up and maintain all that is required. IT also provides:

  • advanced server-based computing
  •  file storage
  • web hosting capabilities

Computer labs

As a student or member of the faculty, you can do research or homework in one of our labs available for:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • engineering
  • geology
  • math and statistics

Help desk

We have two locations:

North campus-Biology building 21, room 153

South campus-Engineering building 69, room 225

Phone: 928-523-8084

E-mail: (be sure to use a good subject line and detailed message with location and your computer name, which you’ll find under “My Computer”)

Help desk schedule 

View the schedule 

Non-business hours contact 

If a problem occurs out of hours, we have a work order system that can accept emails and automatically create a ticket item for you. To use this system, just send an e-mail to with a clear subject line and some specific details.

When submitting a ticket, specify your office location and, if it involves your computer, the “computer name.” This can be found by right-clicking the “Computer” icon on the desktop or in the Start Menu and choosing properties. Then, in Windows XP, click the “Computer Name” tab or, in Windows 7, first click “Advanced System properties.” The name will be next to the “Full Computer name” listing; it will be something like:

How to

We provide instructions on how to use many common computing tasks for Macintosh, Linux/Unix, and Windows:



Wettaw Auditorium Audio Visual


Mailing lists

If you have questions, use this mailing list to contact the relevant department.


The connection SSID will be: NAU-Public or NAU-Secure. These are the same SSID's across the whole NAU campus.

For the Secure network you have to provide a NAU username and password. This network provides access to all network services.

The Public network needs the user to complete an acceptance page in a browser. Once completed a user can "surf the web". If other network access the user must connect to our VPN; again this requires an NAU username and password.

If you find any problems with the wireless in any of these areas, please contact the help desk as soon as possible.

For instructions on setting up the VPN please visit the NAU ITS VPN Client Configuration page.

For instructions on setting up connections to shared drives see “How to” above.

Support policies

Here in the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences faculty, staff, and students are provided with a vast array of computing and information technology. The college IT provides and maintains just about all IT-related issues for the college.  Before using these resources, please view the policies.


Find contact information for the IT staff members.

System outages

Information coming soon.