Seminar Schedule Fall 2014

All seminars are 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Room 017 of the Southwest Forest Science Complex (Building 82) on the campus of Northern Arizona University (campus map). A reception for the speaker with food and refreshments precedes the seminar in the lounge in front of the seminar room (3:30-4:00 PM). If you would like to schedule an appointment with a speaker, please contact the student host. No parking permit is needed for any vehicle with state, federal, or tribal license plates. Other persons can get a free permit from the host during the 30-minute reception before each seminar.



Seminar Title


Sept 3

Kerry Grimm, Northern Arizona University

Saving the Cloud Forest: Political Ecology of Conservation Volunteer Tourism

Dutch Maatman

Sept 10

Pete Fulé, Northern Arizona University

Forest Fire Ecology in France and the Mediterranean

Haydee Hampton

Sept 17

Bruce Hungate, Northern Arizona University

The microbial ecology of soil carbon

Haydee Hampton

Sept 24

James Jacobs, USDA Forest Service Region 3 Forest Health Protection

Microscopic analysis of white pine blister rust resistance in the white pines

Betsy Goodrich

Oct 1

Matteo Garbelotto, University of California, Berkeley


Mike Johnson

Oct 8

Scott Mangan, Washington University, St. Louis


Mike Remke

Oct 15

Michael Allen, University of California, Riverside

Complex Mycorrhizal Feedbacks in Western Forest Ecosystems: Implications for a Changing Environment

Mike Remke

Oct 22

Jason Sibold, Colorado State University

Forest Disturbance Ecology in an Era of Shifting Climate

Haydee Hampton

Oct 29

Richard Knight, Colorado State University

Outdoor Recreation and the Still Unlovely Mind

Dutch Maatman

Nov 5

Sarah McCafferty, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station


Sarah Auerbach

Nov 12

Jason Munshi-South, Fordham University

Population Genomics of Rodents in New York City

Karl Jarvis

Nov 19

Brett Riddle, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Diversification in North American aridlands: do general patterns have general explanations?

Erin Saunders

Nov 26




Dec 3

Scott Abella, Natural Resource Conservation LLC, Boulder City, Nevada

Effects of Tree Cutting and Fire on Understory Vegetation in Mixed Conifer Forests

Betsy Goodrich