Seminar Schedule Spring 2016

All seminars are 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Room 017 of the Southwest Forest Science Complex (Building 82) on the campus of Northern Arizona University (campus map). A reception for the speaker with food and refreshments precedes the seminar in the lounge in front of the seminar room (3:30-4:00 PM). No parking permit is needed for any vehicle with state, federal, or tribal license plates. Other persons (except students) can get a free permit from the School of Forestry administrative office prior to the seminar. Emailing the student host with your name, phone number, vehicle type and plate state and ID prior to the seminar will expedite the process of obtaining a parking permit.



Seminar Title


Jan 27

Bruce Fox

Mixed Messages in Creating a Blended Learning Forest Operations Course

Michael Remke

Feb 3

Bill Noble

Wildlife Planning for the Four Forest Restoration Initiative.

Mike Lommler

Feb 10

Gloria Tom

*Navajo nation fisheries and wildlife habitat

Serra Hoagland

Feb 17

Brian Petersen

Responding to climate change on public lands: assessing challenges and constraints

Michael Remke

Feb 24

Thom Alcoze

*Ecological Restoration; Wildlife Ecology; Indigenous conservation

Lionel Whitehair

Mar 2

Ted Weller

Combining the Latest Technologies and Sustained Field Efforts to Illuminate the Migratory Ecology of Bats.

Abby Tobin 

Mar 9

Shaula Hedwall

Planning and Implementing Management Experiments for the Mexican spotted owl

Serra Hoagland

Mar 16

No Seminar

Spring Break

Mar 23

Paul van Auken

Extending Interactional Theory to Re-materialize and Reinvigorate Community

Jamey Basye

Mar 30

Jesse Young

Economic and Policy Factors Associated with Institutional Woody Biomass Heating Systems in the U.S., with an Extension into Local Emissions and Attitudes

Michael Remke

Apr 6

Anna Schoettle

The Proactive Intervention Strategy: Integrating genetic resistance to white pine blister rust into an ecological context to sustain high elevation five-needle pine populations into the future

Jessica DaBell

Apr 13

Rich Hofstetter

Swiss Chocolates, and Highland Cattle, and New Approaches to Controlling Bark Beetles

Michael Remke

Apr 20

Maik Vest

Restoration and ecosystem development in the drylands of Germany - from biocrusts to forests

Kyle Doherty

Apr 27

Paula Fornwalt

Ecological causes and consequences of wildfire in Colorado Front Range ponderosa pine forests.

Suzy Owen

May 4

Steve Archer

Grassland-Woodland Transitions: It’s Complicated

Henry Grover

*Subject made by the inference of Michael Remke and may not reflect the topic of the speaker’s seminar.