Advising forms

All undergraduate forestry students should plan to meet with the Forestry Student Services Coordinator every semester to ensure they remain on track academically. In planning your undergraduate or graduate course of study in forestry, you may also wish to review the documents below.

General Undergraduate program documents

Degree Progression Plans for students starting the Forestry program in the 2015-2016 catalog:

All Progression Plans - 2005-2006 to current catalog.

Undergraduate forestry certificates: Information and checksheets

Overview of all Forestry Certificates (PDF)

**Please note for the following certificates the completion requirements have changed as of the Fall 2013 catalog. If you are a continuing student in the forestry program please use the documents that are listed as "Prior to Fall 2013".

Certificate in Forest Health and Ecological Restoration (FHER)

FHER Fall 2013 catalog or later (PDF)
FHER Prior to Fall 2013 (PDF)

Certificate in Human Dimensions of Forest Management (HDFM)

HDFM Fall 2013 catalog or later (PDF)
HDFM Prior to Fall 2013 (PDF)

Certificate in International Forestry and Concervation (IFC)

IFC Fall 2013 catalog or later (PDF)
IFC Prior to Fall 2013 (PDF)

Certificate in Fire Ecology and Management (FEM)

FEM Fall 2013 catalog or later (PDF)
FEM Prior to Fall 2013 (PDF)

Certificate in Wildlife Ecology and Management (WEM)

WEM Fall 2013 catalog or later (PDF)
WEM Prior to Fall 2013 (PDF)

The minimum requirements in this certificate are accepted only by the AZ Game & Fish Department. You can still complete other federal agency requirements by using this WEM agency guideline.

Individualized Focus (INDV)

INDV Information (PDF)

FOR 408 Fieldwork Experience and FOR 485 Undergraduate Research

Forestry students may wish to earn credit for fieldwork experience (FOR 408) and/or undergraduate research (FOR 485) in forestry and natural resources management. In order to earn credit for these experiences, students must review the following documents and become familiar with the requirements of each course. Students are then encouraged to contact the Student Services Coordinator for assistance in determining an appropriate faculty mentor for the individualized course.

FOR 408: Fieldwork Experience

FOR 408 Course Description and Guidelines (PDF)
FOR 408 Fieldwork Experience Proposal (PDF)
FOR 408 Fieldwork Experience Agreement (PDF)
FOR 408 Summary Report Guidelines (PDF)
FOR 408 Mid-way Student Evaluation (PDF)
FOR 408 Mid-way Supervisor Evaluation (PDF)
FOR 408 Final Supervisor Evaluation (PDF)

FOR 485: Undergraduate Research Experience

FOR 485 Course Guidelines and Checklist (PDF)