Program evaluation and assessment

  Focus Group 

We offer program evaluation and assessment for pre-K-12 and higher education science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs, including:

  • proposal development
  • data analysis and reporting
  • planning to achieve program goals
  • identifying areas for improvement
  • focus group facilitation

Services we offer

Program/project planning and refinement services include:

  • educational research design
  • proposal development
  • evaluation planning
  • program theory and logic modeling

Program evaluation services include:

  • formative
  • summative
  • process
  • outcome
  • collaborative


  • survey design
  • focus group facilitation
  • interviews
  • observations
  • needs assessments
  • classroom walk-throughs
  • document analysis

Data services include:

  • collection
  • collection system design
  • data entry
  • analysis

Reporting services include:

  • internal reporting
  • external reporting
  • presentations

Capacity building services include:

  • professional development for classroom assessment
  • professional development for program evaluation

Our experience: Current Projects 

Higher education

  • Integrative Biosciences: Genes to Environment Ph.D. Program (Director Dr. Catherine Gehring)
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates in Environmental Sciences: Shima’ nahasdza’a’n bee ‘iina’ (Mother Earth Gives Life),  National Science Foundation (PI Dr. Amy Whipple)
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates in Geology: Landscape evolution in a monogenetic volcanic field, National Science Foundation, (PI Dr. Nancy Riggs)
  • Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity Program at Northern Arizona University, National Institutes of Health (PI Dr. Alice Gibb)

Teacher preparation

  • The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at Northern Arizona University (PI Dr. Shannon Guerrero)
  • Rio Salado College Science and Math Innovative Learning Environment for Encore Careers in Teaching (PI Dr. Janet Johnson)

Teacher professional development

  • The APS Stem Focus Schools for the Future (PI Dr. Janet McShane)
  • Examining Your Environment through the Power of Data (EYE-POD), ITEST, National Science Foundation (PI Dr. Jim Sample)

Our experience: Recent Projects

Higher Education

Teacher professional Development

  • Coconino County Conceptual Understandings in Physical Science, Biological Science and Earth Science, Math-Science Partnership Program, Arizona Department of Education
  • Teacher as Investigator, Science Foundation Arizona

K-12 Education

  • Innovating Biotechnology Education: Incorporating Novel Genomics Research in the Development of a True 2+2+2 Education Pathway , Advanced Technological Education (ATE), National Science Foundation
  • Nexus K-12 Innovation Experience Program, Science Foundation Arizona

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Center for Science Teaching and Learning
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