Julieta Fernandez, PhD

Julieta Fernandez Assistant Professor
Northern Arizona University
Applied Linguistics
Blg 23 Rm #325
Phone: 928-523-8392
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Second language pragmatics; language learning in study abroad; corpus-based discourse analysis; second language acquisition and pedagogy.


  • Ph.D., 2013, The Pennsylvania State University (Applied Linguistics)
  • M.A., 2007, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Fernández, J. (forthcoming). The language functions of tipo in Argentine vernacular. Journal of Pragmatics
  • Gale, H., & Fernández, J. (2016). Should we be teaching taboo language in the ESL classroom? TESOL Applied Linguistics Interest Section Newsletter. Applied Linguistics Forum.
  • Fernández, J., & Gates Tapia, A. N. (2016). An appraisal of the language contact profile as a tool to research local engagement in study abroad. Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education, 1(2), 248-276. 
  • Asención-Delaney, Y., & Fernández, J. (2016). Spanish speech acts. In Chapelle, C. A (Ed.). The encyclopedia of applied linguistics. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781405198431.wbeal1483
  • Fernández, J. (2016). Authenticating language choices: Out-of-class interactions in study abroad. In R. A. van Compernolle & J. McGregor (Eds.). Authenticity and interaction in second language contexts (131-150). Bristol: Multilingual Matters. 
  • Fernández, J., & Yuldashev, A. (2015). Using a corpus-informed pedagogical intervention to develop awareness toward appropriate lexicogrammatical choices. L2 Journal, 7(4), 91-107. 
  • Fernández, J. (2015). General extender use in spoken peninsular Spanish: Metapragmatic awareness and pedagogical implications. Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, 2, 1-17. 
  • Fernández, J., Gates Tapia, A. N. & Lu, X. (2014). Oral proficiency and pragmatic marker use in L2 spoken Spanish: The case of pues and bueno. Journal of Pragmatics, 74, 150-164.
  • Fernández, J. (2013). A corpus-based study of vague language use by learners of Spanish in a study abroad context. In C. Kinginger. (Ed.), Social and cultural aspects of language learning in study abroad (299-332). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Yuldashev, A., Fernández, J., & Thorne, S. L. (2013). Second language learners' contiguous and discontiguous multi-word unit use over time. The Modern Language Journal, 97(s1), pp. 31-45. 
  • Fernández, J., & Yuldashev, A. (2011). Variation in the use of general extenders and stuff in instant messaging interactions. Journal of Pragmatics, 43, 2610-2626.

Selected Recent Presentations (from 2014)

  • Fernández, J. & Yuldashev, A. (November 2016). Figurative language in English for Specific Purposes. Paper presented at CATESOL. San Diego, CA.
  • Fernández, J. (April 2016). Local engagement in study abroad: A reappraisal of the language contact profile. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Orlando, FL.
  • Brown, D. & Fernández, J. (April 2016). The influence of pragmatic marker use on perceived L2 fluency. Poster presented at the annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Orlando, FL. 
  • Fernández, J. & Solano-Leitón, D. (March 2015). Gender and language use in a study abroad context. Poster presented at the Georgetown University Roundtable on Languages and Linguistics (GURT) 2015. Diversity and superdiversity: Sociocultural linguistic perspectives. Georgetown, DC. 
  • Fernández, J. & Yuldashev, A. (October 2014). Teaching small words to ITAs: A Corpus-informed pedagogical intervention. Paper presented at CATESOL. Santa Clara, CA.
  • Fernández, J. (April 2014). Youngspeak and study abroad: Exposure, dispositions and language use. Invited paper presented at the Study Abroad and Pragmatics Colloquium, The 19th International Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning. Bloomington, IN.
  • Fernández, J. (March 2014). Student dispositions toward youngspeak in study abroad. Paper presented at the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Portland, OR.
  • Fernández, J. (March 2014). Current issues in study abroad: Case studies in identity negotiation, socialization patterns, and metapragmatic awareness. Colloquium co-organized with Dr. Janice McGregor at the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Portland, OR.