MA English, Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing course recommendations

Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing (listed courses are available online)

  • ENG 501 Graduate Composition
  • ENG 503 Written Communication in Organizations
  • ENG 511 Writing Theory and Practice
  • ENG 519 Technology and Visual Literacy
  • ENG 520 Literacy Studies
  • ENG 521 Language and Diversity
  • ENG 570 Intro to Multimedia Design
  • ENG 610 Autobiographical Literacies
  • ENG 631 Argumentation
  • ENG 685 Research Project

Literature (listed courses are available online)

  • ENG 553 Shakespeare
  • ENG 560 Literary Criticism
  • ENG 641 Eighteenth Century Literature
  • ENG 643 20th-Century American Literature
  • ENG 655 The Novel & Its Tradition

Creative Writing (listed courses are available online)

  • ENG 573 The Writer’s Creative Process

Linguistics (listed courses are available online mostly during summer term)

  • ENG 504 Intro to Language and Linguistics
  • ENG 538 Cross-cultural Aspects of Language Learning
  • ENG 548 Fundamentals of Second Language Teaching
  • ENG 558 ESL Methods and Materials: Listening & Speaking
  • ENG 559 ESL Methods and Materials: Reading and Writing
  • ENG 638 Assessment for Second Language Skills

Professional Writing (listed courses are available online)

  • ENG 502 Advanced Technical Writing
  • ENG 517 Professional Editing
  • ENG 522 Rhetoric & Writing in Professional Communities
  • ENG 549 Information Design and Usability Testing
  • ENG 569 Project Management and Document Design
  • ENG 605 Writing Effective Proposals
  • ENG 606 Issues in Technical and Professional Writing

Useful guidelines

    • If you have been admitted to a master’s program at Northern Arizona University and have earned graduate credit at another university, you may petition to apply such credit toward a master’s degree at Northern Arizona University. Please see for details on transfer credit.


  • A total of nine credits can come from outside of the Northern Arizona University English Department. These courses can be transfer courses and/or courses from a department other than English.