Expand your horizons

Students in the Netherlands

Expand your educational horizons at Northern Arizona University.

  • The Center for International Education offers undergraduate and graduate students hundreds of study abroad programs in dozens of countries.
  • Each year, nursing and health sciences students earn credit while traveling to locales such as India, Guatemala,  and the Netherlands to participate in field research and community-based health initiatives.
  • To the university’s Global Engineering Outreach organization regularly travels to Africa and Central America, bringing critical expertise, supplies, and technology to communities with critical needs. Recent projects include designing and installing solar water pumps, and building a local nursing facility for a village in Ghana.
  • Every summer, the School of Music and Northern Arizona University Opera sponsor the Flagstaff in Fidenza program, which brings talented young singers from all over the world to further their operatic education with intensive training and performance experiences.
  • Northern Arizona University was one of five universities to receive the 2012 Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehrensive Internationalization. The award recognizes efforts to incorporate global and cross-cultural learning into higher education.